Sometimes it feels like selling radio advertising is like pulling teeth!

I suppose we have to be grateful that despite the pain there is very rarely any spillage of blood!

Here’s a bit of advice that I heard in my early career from a very experienced and very successful sales professional:

When things are getting tough out there, a sales person has to decide which camp they are in.

Are they in the negative ‘any excuse’ camp, looking for every excuse under the sun to justify their lack of sales?

You see and hear groups of sales people discussing all the reasons why things are tough!

They blame The Economy; The Competition; The Lack of Leads; The Number of Sales People in their Team. They blame anything!

On the other hand you could be in the  positive ‘start shouting’ camp?

This is the camp where successful people find themselves.

When it’s quiet out there.. “Go make some noise!” START SHOUTING!

Make more calls. Take more ideas to your clients and prospects and quite simply.. DON’T GIVE UP!

As the famous quote says: ‘Failure cannot cope with persistence.’

You only fail when you give up, when you throw the towel in!

If you keep going and keep doing the right things you will succeed. It’s one of the laws of the universe!

So make sure you fall into the right camp that will make a positive difference and have a successful and rewarding career.

I’ve got to dash now.. I’m going outside in the cold to make some noise!! AND MAKE A SALE!

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