Radio Marketing Solutions

We are a totally independent advertising agency that specialises in planning and delivering successful campaigns.

The right audience in the right area.

Great Minds Creative deal with all the major Radio Groups including Bauer & Capital and all the Regional Stations including Smooth FM, GEM 106 & Heart FM. 

Within the UK there are still a number of important Independent radio stations we deal with such as Mansfield 103.2 covering North Nottinghamshire. These local radio stations ensure our clients can reach key local populations with deep penetration and importantly deliver excellent value for money.

We also deal with Community Radio Stations such as Lincoln City Radio, Newark Radio, TX1 Radio, RB1 Radio, YO1 Radio, Amber Sound & Kemet FM.

All radio station listenership’s differ of course, and the price to advertise on each different radio station is reflected in the size of the individual audience.  So therefore a smaller business in the Mansfield area can get a very competitive price on Mansfield 103.2 and importantly get a very effective result. Whereas a campaign on Smooth FM would cost much more, but would deliver a much bigger audience.

We are proud to be the Sales Agents for Lincoln City Radio, the community radio station for the City of Lincoln and surrounding areas. We are responsible for all advertising on the radio station and all commercial production too. So if you need anything to do with advertising on this wonderful radio station please contact us.

Successful Radio Advertising

Advertising on Commercial Radio is not an exact science. Many campaigns are unsuccessful because one or more of the key requirements for any successful radio campaign are lacking or missing. These components are:


Adverts need to be heard on a regular basis and over a reasonable length of time. Most experts believe that a minimum campaign should be 13 weeks. However, this depends on the reason for advertising and the strength of the offer. The frequency of a message is very often the key to its success.


Many campaigns fail to give the listener a reason to respond to the message. The USP or unique selling proposition is the reason why the listener should do business with you. It’s the thing that makes you unique to the competition. This may be a number of different things: a very good offer, early or late opening times, free parking or any uniqueness that will make people want to do business with you.


Standing out from the crowd and making an impact using a creative idea. Very often the most successful ads are the ones that people enjoy listening to. Humour is a great way of being memorable. However, creativity for the sake of it can result in a failed campaign. Some creative commercials have achieved many awards for there writers, but unfortunately have failed in the objective of being a success for the advertiser.


Ensuring that the timing for the product or service is right. For example, you won’t sell many ice creams on a very cold day and try selling Christmas trees in January.