Selling Advertising on Commercial Radio isn’t easy..

There are so many factors that need to be right to get the best results..

  1. The perfect match of listener demographic and customer profile.
  2. The strength of the competition in the marketplace.
  3. The strength of the clients brand.
  4. The strength of the USP within the commercial.
  5. The reach and frequency of the campaign.
  6. The ‘stand out’ factor of the commercial creatively.
  7. The timing of the campaign.
  8. The budget you’re working with.

Ideally you need all of the above to be on your side to ensure an effective campaign..

If one or more are missing the campaign may well fail..

But often several elements are missing and STILL the campaign succeeds!


You have to work both ‘smart’ and ‘hard’!

You have to target clients that have the right budget.. Go where the money is!

It’s a numbers game.. Prospect until you find the right client (s).

Research their business and their competition. Take time to understand their needs and objectives.

Manage their expectations.. Most campaigns take time to grow and give a return.

Research the listenership of the radio stations you’re recommending to ensure the best possible match.

Your job is to persuade the client to offer very best proposition for their campaign and wrap it up in a memorable and ideally creative advert.

Clients buy Ideas… Ideally GOOD ideas… And a GOOD IDEA never lost a sale!

Persuade them to spend the right money and run a campaign for as long as possible. At least 13 weeks!


Selling Radio Advertising isn’t Rocket Science…

Rocket Science is much more straightforward.

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