So many people ask me this important question..
Does Radio Advertising work?
The answer is always simple and always the same..
Radio advertising is about getting your message across to a listenership..
In that respect whatever your message is it is doing it’s job.. It is being heard by the listenership..
It is working!

But that’s not the end of it..
Here’s where it gets complicated..

You have to get all the elements right..
The creative element.
The consistency.
The timing.
The frequency.
The strength of the offer or USP.

Even if radio advertising is actually working to get your message across.. The message has to be delivered in the right way, with the right frequency, with the right timing, and indeed to the right audience..

This is what we do at Great Minds Creative..
So if you’re thinking about Radio Advertising it makes sense to speak to the right people that understand how to make a campaign successful..

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