I’m often asked how can I monitor my advertising?

Of course the famous saying from Marketing Guru, Dale Carnegie was “Only 50% of my advertising works, the trouble is I don’t know which 50%!”

The fact is advertising is difficult to monitor and unfortunately radio advertising is probably the hardest medium to monitor.

So my usual answer to this age old dilemma is, ” to help you monitor you advertising there are two key factors.. One is simply that you start to monitor your enquiries.. Ask your new customers where they came from, how they heard of you and why they came…

Secondly ensure that your advertising “Stands out from the Crowd.”

You need to have a campaign that is memorable… So people remember it, can quote it or in the case of jingle can sing or hum along to it.. Advertisers that use jingles or musical identities as part of their commercial campaign are much more likely to get a better result and indeed a result that is more likely to be monitored successfully.

Of course there are other ways to “Stand out from the Crowd” other than jingles, some advertisers utilise the creation of a distinct character in their advert that people can relate to, some use humour to help to get the memorability across and some use celebrity voices to further boost their campaign recall.

Whatever you use it is equally important that you run the campaign for as long as possible.. Longevity of a radio campaign is usually paramount to the overall success.

There are many campaigns that would have been very successful had they continued for longer..

Sadly because radio is difficult to monitor and can take time to grow you find that some clients have cold feet before the campaign has truly had the time to bloom..

You really need to keep your nerve and as long as you have a strong offer that is delivered in a “stand out” way and runs for a good length of time to the correct audience it almost certainly will be successful.

It’s fair to say that many potential advertisers need to help to get these elements right..

That’s why the likes of Great Minds Creative exist.. To help get better results for our clients..

Feel free to contact us and we will be HAPPY TO HELP!

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