Over the course of over 25 years I have been responsible for literally 100’s of very successful radio advertising campaigns.

Sadly over that time I’ve almost certainly witnessed many more advertising campaigns that have failed. So why have they failed?

The commercial radio industry is renowned for a very high turnover of sales people.

These people come from various sales backgrounds such as the press and directories. In the main they are good at selling and the various radio stations sales managers are under desperate pressure to achieve monthly sales targets. So new sales people are instantly under pressure to get results. Sadly these results are not always achieved in the best interests of the businesses that are representing. The advice can be poor and the campaign objectives can fall short and ultimately fail to achieve the results that were required and anticipated.

The inevitable circle continues and the sales person either leaves of their own accord due to the increasing pressure or is moved on by the manager.

In the course of 17 years as an advertising agency I have had so many different sales people looking after my client base… Well into double figures at many radio stations!

They come and they go.. Some are good sales people and some are also very nice people.

But they fail… Why?

They fail because they don’t truly understand how radio works and how to get the best results for their clients.

Since 2002 Great Minds Creative has enjoyed an incredible success in achieving GREAT results for our clients and prior to that since 1994 the same was true for our Radio Station clients at Hallam FM, Magic AM & Peak 107.

Experience and Expertise really does make a huge difference.

Make the most of one of the most successful Radio Specialists in the Radio Industry and contact us today..

You WILL see a difference!

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