To succeed in life and particularly in the radio advertising game you need to have resilience and the will to keep going when things get tough.. You need self belief.

Throughout history there are many examples of persistence…

One example is Henry Ford who’s first company went bankrupt his second was failing and he was forced out with only the rights left to his name. He could have given up in fact many people would have, but he had such a strong self-belief that the rest is history.

A second is JK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter. She was a single mother on welfare in London, jobless and penniless, and her first manuscript was rejected by all 12 major publishers. But her deep self-believe drove her to try with smaller publishers and the rest is history.

A third is comedian Jim Carey who was booed off stage at his first stand-up gig and worked as a janitor at the age of 15 to help support his family. He could have given up, but he didn’t and the rest is history.

Don’t Give Up

I’ve known many people that gave up in the Radio Advertising Sales Arena.. There is one rule that always rings true.. “Failure cannot live with persistence!”

There is only one sure way of failing and that is ‘giving up!’

It’s quite amazing how many radio sales people eventually achieve their goal – which in this case could be to secure the business of a longstanding prospect after months and months of meetings and dialogue and creative ideas. Eventually the timing is right and the campaign begins.

It’s easy to give up, but successful people find the energy and motivation to keep going.

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