Other Media

Great Minds Creative also have many years experience in planning and booking TV Advertising.

 We also offer professional Internet Marketing solutions and first class Digital Design.

Internet Marketing

Great Minds Creative deals with a number of clients who use the Internet to market themselves. 

These clients use Social Media and Google Adwords to drive traffic to their websites. 

We also deal with a number of partners in the web design and web development field offering high end website options for businesses that require unique and state of the art solutions and also affordable entry level options for smaller businesses.

TV Marketing

Great Minds Creative deal with ITV and all the other TV networks and we are able to buy TV at a very competitive rate.

We also deal with Sky AdSmart – a unique innovative television platform on the Sky TV network which can specifically target key demographics within defined geographical areas.

Great Minds Creative work alongside a number of Production Companies to bring you high quality and cost effective production solutions.

Digital Design


Great Minds Creative have always been passionate about creativity, it’s what we do!

Now we’ve teamed up with some of the most talented young people in digital design to offer our clients the very best service on ALL their digital needs.

We’re proud to say we’ve managed to secure some of the lowest prices in the UK, but the most important thing is we’ve not compromised on the quality. 

Our design team are some of the very best and most creative people in the industry.

And much like our company motto…
They think differently!

So if you’re looking for a different take on your next design job, let us take a look.

You’ll be delighted with the quality, the level of service and the price!

Email: [email protected]