Great Minds Creative are responsible for managing the sales operation at Mansfield 103.2.

The radio station launched in February 1999 and has become one of the UK’s most successful independent commercial radio stations.

We essentially run the sales team and deal with all of the clients that advertise on the radio station.

In my opinion this local radio station is much more effective than many much bigger commercial radio stations.

The main reason for this is the loyalty of it’s listenership – the local people of Mansfield, Ashfield and surrounding areas are passionate about their part of the World and very supporting of businesses that operate in the area and of course this includes the local commercial radio station.

Should you ever want to advertise on Mansfield 103.2 or indeed any other local radio station in the UK it makes sense to speak to people that understand how to make radio advertising work and get the best return on your marketing investment.

Plus we know the area very well and a good knowledge of the local area and it’s people is always an additional advantage in ensuring the right commercial decisions are made.

Do yourself a favour and contact us today..

We’re in business to make your radio marketing campaign work better for you.

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